the perfect romantic gift

A $50 Value, Free During Quarantine

Tell your partner the story of how you fell in love.
How it Works

You Tell Us the story of how you fell in love

All you have to do is relive your favorite memories: how you met your partner, how that first date went, what you were thinking, what first attracted you to them. An embarrassing moment. A favorite anecdote. Anything. We’ll help you put it together, and it will only take about 20 minutes. You can always add to it later.

We display your story in our online museum

The Museum of Diamonds will display your story alongside hundreds of other diamonds belonging to kings, queens, and other couples. Your page can feature pictures of the two of you, the ring, the wedding, whatever you wish.


Enjoy reading others’ stories, and encourage your friends and relatives to share theirs as well. If you’re quarantined at home, and so are they, take time-out from Netflix and the scary news programs, and focus on something far more interesting: the story of your love.

Your Partner will be thrilled!

Recording the story of how you met and fell in love, is a perfect romantic gift. Who doesn’t want to hear—perhaps for the zillionth time, perhaps for the first—how and why you fell in love with them. Your partner is then invited to add their side of the story: How did they fall in love with you?


Everyone loves to be reminded that someone loves them. That’s the reason for all romantic gifts, whether they be roses, chocolates, or the diamond itself. We believe that every relationship deserves a chance to be remembered and celebrated. And unless you’ve been involved with another diamond museum, we believe your partner only knows half the story. What was your first impression of them? What made them so special?

It’s really free. The world is being threatened by a pandemic, and we want to do our part to make it more bearable. So there is no catch. While this service normally costs $50 and features a few extra bells and whistles, until the end of May we’re inviting all couples to share their stories for free. If you’d like to help us out, (besides telling a great story) share your page with friends and family once it’s ready. The people close to you would enjoy seeing what you wrote, they might decide to share their own stories, and it would help us get our name out there. Your page won’t go anywhere when the promotion ends, there’s no subscription involved, and you’ll never even need to pull out a credit card.

Why did you have a wedding in the first place? By declaring your love for one another publicly, it makes it more real, it shows more commitment. And sometimes you just want to shout out to the world that you love someone and that you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

Think of it this way: you’ll definitely want your partner to read the story. You’ll probably want friends and family to read it. And you probably won’t care if a stranger stumbles upon it and gets jealous of how good looking the two of you are.

That said, we understand concerns about privacy. We refer to couples on the site only by their first names, and you have the option to keep your page unlisted if you prefer. You’d still be able to link to it, but visitors to the museum wouldn’t see it in the main galleries.

Our museum is a collection of diamond stories. It’s where any married or engaged couple can formally connect their diamond to the story of their love. You can also find famous diamonds there, but our core focus is on helping couples celebrate their love for each other. The diamond, as it has always been, is just a symbol of your love. The museum tells the story of that love.

Two things that we hear are great for the immune system: love and gratitude.
You and your spouse will probably be isolated in a small space together for the next month. 
This is the time to be there for each other “in sickness and in health”.
Give them a totally unexpected and romantic gift. Tell them what they mean to you.

So can your story cure Covid-19? To be determined. They do say that love conquers all…

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Example Pages

Courtney & Cole

"She just struck me as someone that was so confident and happy and saw the world in a beautiful way. She had such a beautiful aura, smile, everything. She is beautiful inside and out. "

Logan & Kiera

"Kiera made the first move, and she loves that she did it. My attraction started with the obvious, the pure beauty she possesses. I found myself getting lost in her deep eyes and her huge warm smile. "

Brooke & Zac

"Eventually I decided to go for a ride and it was at that very moment while we were going down the road that I knew that was the man I wanted in my life."